Intoximeter Facts in Wisconsin

An intoximeter is used to determine if a driver is intoxicated and if so, at what level. It is the main device used in breath alcohol, tests, commonly known as the breathalyzer test. The machine uses a fuel cell for the detection part of the machine test. When a person blows into the machine, any alcohol in the breath is converted to acetic acid, which is responsible for creating a current within the cell. The current is what produces the measure of alcohol consumed by the machine.

arrested for OWI in Wisconsin

Getting an OWI in Wisconsin can have serious consequences. Though the first offense is written as a ticket with a fine to be paid, the real costs will be experienced later, with increased insurance rates and possibly being turned down for jobs. In the State of Wisconsin, a first offense OWI is a ticket. Other states, however, have stiffer fines, including jail time. If you’re looking to take a job in another state or work for a large company with multiple locations, this may become an issue. The DUI laws in Washington, DC, for example, are much stricter and carry a heavier burden for a first-time offense.

This is why it’s important to seek the help of one of the Wisconsin OWI attorneys, who knows your rights and whether you can fight the ticket. Any person with an OWI ticket should have their rights explained and should have representation. Sometimes testing is done unlawfully or without following proper procedure. This can make a difference in the results of the intoximeter. An OWI lawyer can explain your rights and help determine if options are available, to fight the OWI.

A DUI arrest in WI is a serious matter, no matter how an officer may try to downplay the matter. If a person refuses the breath alcohol test with the intoximeter, he or she may be subject to fines and an automatic license suspension, for up to a year. Getting an OWI ticket is not a simple matter. This is why you should consult with Appleton WI OWI attorneys, at the first possible chance you get. Even a first offense for OWI can have a permanent, negative effect on your record. If there’s even a chance the ticket may have been issued without following correct procedures, an operating while intoxicated lawyer can offer legal representation and can question the circumstances surrounding the ticket you received.