Wisconsin Drunk Driving Laws and Changes

The police in the USA are currently using an intoximeter also called an alcohol meter, to do field sobriety tests.This is a measure to detect drunken driving o the roads. It is a very sophisticated machine that works when a drunk driver blows air into it. The alcohol level will gradually rise with every breath until you reach the air in the deepest part of your lungs. At this point, the content level of alcohol in your breath will plateau. The intoximeter has a fuel chamber where it diverts a tiny amount of breath and determines the final alcohol level in your system. Police use these results to make an arrest.

Being Charged For OWI in WI

Wisconsin drunk driving arrest charges are purposefully harsh. Requesting a hearing should be the first thing you do. The hearing will be conducted by the DOT Administrative Suspensions or the court refusals, and you have the opportunity to challenge whether there is a case. Many first-time offenders can walk free because the Law doesn’t convict first-time offenders, although it will still be written in your records permanently. The consequences of a WI drunk driving arrest are heavy, and it’s good to have a lawyer in handy.

DUI Laws in Washington

DUI (driving under the influence) is a very serious crime in Washington. The DUI Law is very brutal, and you can face a jail term, expensive fines or your driver’s license can be suspended. First, if you refuse to take a breath test or fail one, you will deal with the DMV. You will be given 20 days to request a hearing if not your license will be suspended automatically. But if you go to court be ready to hire an attorney because the DUI Law is very complicated. If convicted, you can face up to 364 days in jail or $5000 in fines. But the Law keeps changing.

SCRAM ankle bracelet and how it is used

A SCRAM ankle bracelet is used by the police to test for alcohol without an invasive test. It shows the pattern and frequency of alcohol consumption and is most trusted and widely used by 24/7. The SCRAM works by taking the air sample from the ankle at an interval of at least one hour, collects and store the data until it’s connected to a modem or a land line computer for viewing. It takes the sweat from your skin because what you drink comes out through sweating and so that’s what they monitor.

Each state has a different set of laws and penalties for those charged with this type of crime. You already know that the crime of driving while intoxicated is serious, so now you have to begin your research to find a highly qualified DUI attorney in your area.  We recommend starting your research on sites like AVVO, DUIlawyersnear.me, and Find Law or Justia. They have some very informative reviews and rankings of a drunk driving lawyer in your particular city.